About Storm System

There’s nothing quite like the authentic, natural look and feel of exterior wood surfaces. However, unlike many manufactured materials, they can require more care and maintenance to keep them looking beautiful. But choosing precisely the right wood finish has been a confusing task.

The Storm System was created to change all that. Developed by California Products, a leading innovator in the coatings industry, Storm System offers a full spectrum of beautiful finishes all neatly and logically organized in easy-to-understand categories.

Stemming from Storm Stain which was developed in 1979 and sold primarily in the New England area, the Storm System is a completely re-engineered line and has quite literally taken the country by storm. Virtually overnight, the popularity of this refreshingly intuitive approach has spread as far as the West Coast where the brand enjoys robust sales in hundreds of locations throughout California, Oregon and Washington.

From clear finishes that protect wood while maintaining its most natural look to more dramatic, solid color stains, the Storm System offers whatever look you want…as well as the protection to Weather Whatever.