House Siding

Whether it’s just little touches of trim and siding that were built into your home for architectural interest or a structure that is completely clad in exterior wood, you can protect and beautify it with a high performance exterior wood siding stain from the Storm System.


In addition to the distinctive aesthetic appeal of real wood exteriors, wood siding is one of the few substrates that enable you to significantly change the overall appearance of your home in a cost-effective manner. Brick, vinyl and many other manufactured siding materials are what they are…forever. Changing their color typically isn’t an option.


So walk out to the curb, turn around and give your home the once-over. What do you see? Is it still up-to-date? Would a new color give it more visual “pop”? Could it tie in better with what people find when they walk through your front door? Or does it just need a bit of freshening? With a long-lasting wood siding finish from Storm System, the possibilities are virtually endless.