When should you use a clear finish versus a semi-transparent or a solid color?  What are the differences in moisture and sun protection? Confused? You’re not alone. The world of exterior finishes has gotten very cloudy over the years.

But things are about to become a whole lot clearer.
Designed to strip away confusion and replace it with simple language and visual cues we all understand, the Storm Stain makes choosing exactly the right finish for your job easier than ever. It really comes down to asking yourself just a few questions. How much of the wood’s natural texture and grain would you like to show through? How often do you typically refinish the surface? And what color do you have in mind?

When you have the answers to these simple questions, selecting just the right Storm Stain finish is a snap. And with each Storm Stain category comprised of only best-in-class formulations, you can rest assured no matter what you choose, you will be getting one of the most beautiful, long-lasting finishes available today. Just click here to for more help on How To Choose A Category.


View our Storm Stain Brochure and Storm Cleaner Brochure for more information.