Primers & Solid Stain: How to Apply For Extreme Weather Conditions

How to Apply Primer

Whether your home braves the icy winters of New England, the endless Midwest snow or blizzard storms in Alaska, it is essential to protect the wood outside your house. If you have wood siding, a deck or wood paneling, there are some vital steps you should take before the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Based on the level of opacity, degree of UV protection and typical longevity of each finish, Storm System has made it easy for you to choose the most appropriate wood stain for the job. We use familiar weather color-coding and phrases such as “Light” or “Heavy” to describe the conditions most in tune with each product.

Based in New England (Andover, MA), Storm System truly understands how important primers and solid stains are for deck and siding come wintertime, so below you’ll find some helpful tips for how to apply primer and solid stains.



As you may know, Primers are preparatory coatings that should be used before painting or staining with a solid color. Whether it’s wood, metal or plastic, primers increase the durability of the paint or stain to ensure better adhesion to the surface. It is key to note that Primers are not a necessity for a wood stain treatment, especially when the desired finish is meant to show the actual wood grain.

Storm System features two wood primers: the Acrylic Latex Primer and the Quick-Dry Oil Primer. Whether the surface that needs to be finished is in extremely weathered, distressed condition, or if the surface is going to be exposed to extreme weather or high traffic & wear, look no further than these two primers. Depending on the severity of the impending weather, you’ll need to use a solid stain or semi-solid stain to complete the job and leave a professional-looking finish for years.



As we mentioned above, once you have applied a primer to your exterior wood, the best way to ensure a “job well done” is to use a solid stain. Solid stains provide a completely opaque, paint-like appearance on your wood. Storm System offers two solid stains: the Acrylic Stain with Enduradeck Technology, and a 100% Acrylic Stain. The Acrylic Stain is formulated to provide a matte finish for horizontal surfaces such as trim and siding, while the Acrylic Stain with Enduradeck Technology makes surfaces appear to have a flat color when viewed directly and a soft luster when viewed at an angle perfect for wood that will receive a lot of wear and tear due to traffic or weather.